Master’s Studies

Application deadline: October 15th of each year.

Value: $2,000 per award; usually one award each year.

Where tenable: Any recognized institution granting earned degrees at the post-baccalaureate level in the applicant’s field of study and located in one of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faeroe Islands, and Greenland.

Level of study: Graduate research or other study within a Master’s degree programme at a Nordic or Canadian post-secondary institution.

Field of study: Any academic area, including but not limited to fine arts; humanities; natural sciences and engineering; and social sciences.

Criteria: Applications will be evaluated on the qualifications of the applicant, the quality of the proposed programme and the potential of the programme to further academic and cultural links between Canada and the Nordic countries. The applicant must indicate his or her reasons for wishing to study in a Nordic country.

Conditions: The candidate must:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
  2. Have completed a bachelor’s degree with high scholastic achievement from a Canadian university or college.
  3. Provide evidence in writing of acceptance of the proposed study/research from the proposed Nordic post-secondary institution. (Sometimes unavoidably late. Explain.)
  4. Be in residency at the Nordic destination for a minimum of six months.
  5. Provide a summary of your experience to CINS no later than six months after completing the proposed programme of study.

CINS encourages a public presentation (in a relevant format), based on the work/research conducted during the Scholarship, at an appropriate venue within twelve months after completing the proposed programme of study. The contribution of CINS should be recognized.
Application: To be submitted electronically to If any application material is submitted in hard copy, please use the following postal address:

Chair of the Board
Canadian Institute for Nordic Studies
200 Arts Building
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E6

There is no official application form. Applicants should include all of the following in their application:

  • An academic CV, including full name, postal address(es), telephone number(s), fax and e-mail address(es), citizenship status, Social Insurance Number (for payment purposes), date of birth, degree(s) held and current academic status
  • Electronic transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.
  • Written acceptance from the host Nordic institution.
  • Description of how the award would further the applicant’s future plans.
  • Scholarships and other awards held or applied for during the time of the proposed project.
  • Description of study or research plan in fewer than 500 words. Most proposals would be describable using the following optional outline:
    • Discipline(s) or subject area(s).
    • background, rationale and objectives of the study or project (using terminology that is understandable to the non-specialist)
    • Explanation how the research will lead to an advance in the discipline or contributes to the achievement of artistic excellence and will further academic and cultural links between Canada and the Nordic countries.
  • Letters of academic reference from three people not related to the applicant (electronic submissions preferred).